Hot & Frozen Meals

Lancashire Fayre offer a meals delivery and home shopping service that allows us not only to deliver to you but to make life that little bit easier for you too.


Our service is really ideal for EVERYBODY in particular:

Those recently out of hospital who may not be able to cook for themselves.

Those looking to enjoy a healthy nutritious diet.

Those who want to see a friendly face every day.

Those who want to retain their independence.

We have offices in Chorley and Blackburn and our simple aim is to look after our customers in these areas.

Our 25 years experience in the catering and care industry has shaped the way we deliver our service.

We provide a hot meal, including main and dessert options, door to door, every day of the year, and at the same time check to ensure that you are fit and well.

We believe that we offer a friendly service that you can trust.

We understand that shopping and cooking at times can be a strain; our services can take that strain away offering delicious meals to your door.


Lancashire Fayre offers a real customer care service based on many years of experience.

Our menu choices are varied and appetising and cater for those with a range of palates and either small or larger appetites. Nutrition is extremely important to us and every single one of our meals is carefully prepared to guarantee our meals are nutritionally balanced.


Catering for a wide range of dietary needs and religious requirements, we also provide a variety of culturally appropriate meals, please ring  01254 447 331 (Blackburn with Darwen) or 01257 367630 (Chorley) for more information.


Our wealth of experience allows us to offer the highest standards of hygiene in the preparation, storage and delivery of meals to ensure that they arrive at the optimum temperature and condition.


Our delivery vehicles are state of the art and meals are cooked on board in a specially developed oven offering us the luxury of providing you with hot meals delivered 'straight from the oven'.


Our daily customer check isn’t value added; it’s a central approach to our service. We have built this around what we feel people need, a friendly face, helpful staff and someone to rely on and help out if needed.


It can be as simple as making sure our customers have drinks available and within easy reach or ensuring the environment around them is safe and if it isn’t, passing our concerns on to family or friends.


All of this is simply part of our service... not added on.


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